Major price drop! Only $6.99

Not just another light bulb.

Inteli Labs is a young Australian start up, making great quality smart products available at a globally competitive price!

Inteli Smart Light Bulb
Inteli Smart Light Bulb
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The cool things...

Control with your Voice

Use your assistant for handsfree control. Change the colour, brightness and more with the assistant on your phone or designated smart speaker.

Set your own scenes and moods within the Inteli App - we set our own favourites in the App already for your enjoyment.

Wi-Fi Connected!

Feel FREE with hub-less connection.

Your wifi connects as few or as many Inteli Bulbs you want! What you pay is what you get. No extra costs or charges for a hub port extender connection just to get your ‘smart’ product working. 

Control your Inteli Bulb from anywhere in the world!

Cool To Warm Colour

Create the space for all occasions, cool white for a productive day and warm light to get ready for sleep at night.

Copy the natural light of the sun with the beautiful range of colours in the Inteli Bulb.

Schedules, Timers, Automations

Set personalised Schedules based on your daily routine.

Create home Automations for when you aren’t around.

Make Timers as reminders or for an easy wakeup.

Dimmable to Perfection

Make your space perfect for every situation.

Change the brightness to suit exactly what you’re doing throughout the day.

Home office, book nook or movie cinema, all in one.

Home Automation

Make your home as natural as the colours of the sky. 

Easily set your bulb to change depending on the suns movement. 

Energy Saving

Energy-Cost Saving

No one likes wasting money (or coffee).

The Inteli Bulb is a super efficient LED bulb.

The cost to use one for a whole year is going to set you back about half a coffee (roughly $2.46 AUD).

See more on energy costs.


The brightness is so good for studying, I've set it to go warm colours whenever the sun is down! Love it - 5 stars from me

Rachel, WA

The App has so much customisation, and it's easy to use

Nadia, NSW

Hard to believe the price!

John, VIC

"The Inteli experience is out of this world"

Having this much control at such a price is something truely mind blowing. I'm excited to buy more.

- Peter K, VIC

"Laziness at it's finest"

I've set mine up to change between movie mode and work mode. No need to get up and flick the switch when I head to bed, I just do it with my voice. (and I never have to run back down incase I forget, I just check the Inteli App) ♥

- Jen K, WA